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Welcome to Private Tours Montenegro w/ Ana


Hello there! I am Ana, a licensed tourist guide from Montenegro. My professional team of private guides in Montenegro and I, would be very happy to show you our gorgeous country, which offers truly amazing

things to see and visit! 
Join us as we explore together all of the must see places and the secret wild beauty of the land. We will
guide you through all the historically significant places, show you the natural beauty of Montenegro and will make sure you enjoy every second of it!

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Please check six reasons to hire us:

We' journey

You’re short on time

Sure we all wish we had endless vacation days to soak up that summer sun. But for the times you’ve only got a day or two in a place, we will make that time expand like magic. You’ll see more and learn more in a few hours than you would in several days of exploring on your own.

You want instant access to a local expert

We can provide a crash course in whatever subject you’re interested in: art, history, food, architecture, photography, politics…our job is to know the answers to all your questions – and also the answers to all the things you never thought to ask in the first place! Explore Kotor, Budva or any familiar city with your private guide and you’ll soon be looking at it through an entirely different lens.

You like to make new friends

We are a lot of fun too! We live our lives in the city you’re visiting, and love to engage in conversation about what that’s like. With your local, private guide you’ll never feel like you’re “on tour” – you’ll feel like you’re spending time with a new friend.

You want to feel at home in a new city

Meeting up with us on your first day is a great way to start feeling comfortable in a new destination. You’ll get oriented on how to get around, learn about local foodie destinations and unique neighborhoods beyond the tourist hot spots, plus get great recommendations and tips for how to spend the rest of your time there.

You dream of exclusive access to unique experiences

Do you like the idea of getting truly under the skin of a place and behind the scenes when you travel? We have connections that run deep! Whether it’s meeting an up-and-coming chef, a local farmer, artist... we create intimate, customized tours where truly extraordinary things can happen.

Stop - Enjoy - Smell The Roses

Instead of running after an umbrella with forty other people, with your private guide you can take as many breaks as want, stop for some awesome pictures along the way on places known only to locals and most importantly stop for toilet break whenever you need!

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Comments & Reviews

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A wealth of knowledge

We were warmly welcomed by Ana's big smile and immediately took us back to thousands of years, telling us about the incredibly interesting and varied history of Kotor and Montenegro. 
Her knowledge is incredible and never ceases.
A very enjoyable tour in which we learned so much and were left with a big desire for exploring this amazing country!
Patric J.

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