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Please have a look at our published options for some ideas on how we can make the most of your time in Montenegro. Should you have any special requests or questions, please don't hesitate to inquire. 

Grab your once-in-a-lifetime Montenegro adventure!

   The Old Captain's Smile 

     Kotor & Perast w/ Your Private Guide

It is a great option for everyone who wants to explore these two lovely towns of the Bay of Kotor.

We'll start our tour driving towards Perast, a peaceful and quiet Baroque village - a unique jewel in the Boka Bay's crown. Once home to a majestic Venetian fleet of 1000 ships, today a proud keeper of memory of its glorious days. We'll not miss to visit a man-made island of Our Lady of the Rocks, that was built by scuttling old ships and depositing stones around a small crag, and its extraordinary church and museum.

After some leisure time, we will be heading back to Kotor, where we will do a walking tour through the old town, medieval palaces, churches and squares. You'll be amazed by city walls that are surrounding entire Old Town.

**Speed boat option available! 

Type: Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Vehicle, Boat, Walking (Swimming)

Time: 4.5 Hours 
Walking: Medium 
Guide: Licensed Guide

I Want To Stay In Boka Bay Forever 

   Kotor, Perast & Porto Montenegro w/ Your Private Guide

The tour takes you to the most popular parts of Boka Bay. Highlights are little baroque town Perast and man-made island of Our Lady of the Rocks. The Island treasures paintings of the most talented local artists, more than 2000 silver votive plaques and many other interesting gifts donated by local sailors.

After we explore this beautiful stone city from 17th century and its island, our next stop is Porto Montenegro luxury marina. Both Kotor and Perast are cultural sites, each rich in maritime history, but your next stop represents a new direction of Montenegro developments and the biggest luxury boat marina in the Meds. Porto Montenegro marina features many restaurants, cafes and shops where you can spend some free time, before we go back to explore Kotor, a city of traders and famous sailors, with many stories to tell.

**Speed boat option available! 

Type: Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Luxury, Vehicle, Boat, Ferry boat, Walking 

Walking: Medium 
Time: 5.5 Hours
Guide: Licensed Guide 

Boka Wine Tasting

Savina winery, Herceg Novi, Kotor w/ its Old Winery Private Tour

Let's enjoy the cruise along the Bay towards Obradovic' s family house, farm and winery, located at the very entrance of the Boka Bay, with spectacular view over the sea. In the town area of Herceg Novi, it is tucked away in lavish Mediterranean vegetation, in idyllic coastal and woodland setting. 

Above the vineyard is located Savina monastery which dates all the way back to 1030.
The tour of the vineyard and wine cellar, includes tasting of 3 wines with matching local homemade snacks, homemade olive oil, and homemade Loza and Travarica (local grappa). 
After the enjoyable wine tasting, you will have a chance to visit beautiful town of Herceg Novi, so called "The Guardian of the Bay". Shiny squares, elegant churches, formidable fortresses centuries old, are just some of many things to see and visit in this gorgeous town of mimosa flower.
Next you cruise back to Kotor, where you'll enjoy a walk through the maze of Kotor's medieval quarter and its bustling market! 
Our optional stop is Kotor's Old Winery, hidden in the charming quarter of the Old town, where you can try some of many wines made by a small producers from our country, and of course, match it with Montenegrin food specialties!
Živjeli (Cheers)!!!

**Speed boat option available!

Type: Culture, Historic, Wine tasting, Food tasting, Fortress, Nature, Vehicle, Boat, Walking 

Time: 6 Hours 
Walking: Medium 
Guide: Licensed Guide  

Say Hello To Budva

Kotor, Budva & St Stefan w/ Your Private Guide

This is a great option for everyone who wants to explore out of the bay area, take as many pictures as want along famous Budvan riviera and hear amazing stories about local clans, Turks and pirates.

Our first stop is St Stefan island, surely one of the most memorable sights along Montenegrin coast, photographed so many times that it is almost impossible to imagine a promotional brochure or video without its enchanting sight.

Our tour continues to Budva, which is considered to be one of the oldest settlements on the Balkan Peninsula. We'll explore the area within the old walls where you'll be amazed by combination of narrow streets and little squares with valuable monuments of different Mediterranean cultures.

After the tour, you'll have free time for shopping or self exploration before returning to Kotor, where will be introduced with charming piazzas and amazing history of medieval palaces surrounding them.

On the way back to Kotor, we'll stop at the hill above the bay to take some amazing photos of the most beautiful bay in Europe!

Type: Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Photo, Vehicle, Walking

Time: 4.5-5 Hours 
Walking: Medium 
Guide: Licensed Guide  

Speed Boat Adventure

    Kotor / Perast & Islands / Yugoslav Submarine Caves / Blue Cave / Rose Village

Spend the perfect day out on this Kotor Bay boat tour that includes Kotor, the Blue Cave, submarine caves and a seaside lunch at a fishing village. 

This tour starts with a fun, scenic speed boat ride along past the palaces and hamlets that line the Bay of Kotor shore until you get to the Yugoslav submarine caves on Lustica Peninsula. The caves were used to hide submarines and are now a favourite cliff jumping spot with locals. 

After that you’ll continue out of the Bay of Kotor, where you have Fort Arza on one side, Fort Oštro on the other and Fort Mamula on an island in the middle. From there you cruise along the wild Luštica coastline to one of Montenegro’s top attractions, the Blue Cave. You can get out for a swim in the iridescent blue cave.

After a swim you cruise back to the bay and stop at Rose, a traditional fishing village at the entrance of the bay. There, you’ll be treated to some fresh-caught seafood and chilled wine.

After lunch you cruise back through the bay to Kotor, circling around Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks on the way for some pictures.

You finish your tour with a walk through Kotor’s alleyways.

**Feel free to tailor your own itinerary!

Type: Nature, Wildlife, Active, Historic, Museums, Speed Boat, Swimming, Walking

Time: 5 Hours
Walking: Medium 
Guide: Licensed Guide 

Olives & Donkeys

Kotor & Tici village - Lustica Peninsula Private Tour

This tour takes out of Kotor and over to one of Montenegro's hidden gems - Lustica Peninsula.

This peninsula, which sits with one side in the Bay of Kotor and the other on the Adriatic Sea is a world away from the busy tourist centres, and shows you exactly what traditional Montenegrin life is like.

During the tour you'll drive through the villages of Luštica to a traditional, family-run, organic olive mill in Tiči.

The tour starts with vetting by the farms noisiest residents, Mishka and Rushka (pictured). Once you've become acquainted you'll be welcomed in the traditional Montenegrin way - with a shot of rakija, potent fruit brandy that's the traditional tipple in the Balkans. While you enjoy the drink and view, your host, the farm owner, will tell you a bit about why olives are so important in Montenegro and how they're used.

Then it's time for a scenic walk through Tiči village. You'll visit the family's modern olive mill, as well as their 300 year-old one.

Then you'll be able to try artisan olive oils, taste some local specialties that you can only find in Montenegrin homes. Delicious!

The tour ends with a privately guided tour through Kotor!

Type: Nature, Food, Wine, Tasting, Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Vehicle, Walking 

Time: 5 Hours
Walking: Medium 
Guide: Licensed Guide 

Historical ZigZag Tour

Kotor, Budva, Cetinje & Njegusi village w / Your Private Guide

On our way to Budva, we'll take a couple of photo stops along its beautiful riviera. The layers from the Illyrian, Hellenistic, Roman, late Antique and early-Christian periods, are witness to the customs, culture, and ways of life in this region. Budva is the capital of tourism, attracting all generations with its magical light, narrow alleys and sandy beaches. Let's enjoy it for a while!

Next, we'll turn to Cetinje, the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro. It is a town of museums, libraries, galleries, and archives; it is also a town of the great history. There will have a guided tour of the court of Nikola I, Prince and King of Montenegro, known as "the winner of the sea and the coast" and "the father-in-law of Europe".

On our way to Kotor, we'll pass a spectacular windy road that looks like a cardiogram of an extremely nervous person, carved into the stone wall! The view is amazing, as well as the cheese and prosciutto you can try in Njegusi village.

Finally, we'll explore Kotor and its medieval streets!

private tour private tour kotor private guide kotor montenegro private tours

Type: Culture, Historic, Nature, Photo, Vehicle, Walking 

Time: 8 Hours (starting from Kotor)
Walking: Medium 
Guide: Licensed Guide 

Please feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions!

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