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Grab your adventure! 

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Please have a look at our published options for some ideas on how we can make the most of your time in Montenegro. Should you have any special ideas, requests or questions, please don't hesitate to inquire. 

   The Old Captain's Smile 

     Kotor, Perast & Our Lady of the Rocks Tour

Join us on this tour that will full fill your soul and your senses.
Images of crystal blue water reflecting the steep rocky mountains surrounding the bay, local fishermen picking fresh mussels from their farms; seagulls resting on the roofs of old stone houses that once belonged to local millers and captain families, will be deeply imprinted in your hearts, like to all of us to whom the Bay of Kotor means life.

You will forget about every-day life as soon as you step into the city of Perast, which will enchant you with its unique architecture, atmosphere and story. What we definitely want to show you is one of the two islands that adorn this unique city - the man made island of Our Lady of the Rocks and its church. This is not just one of the many churches you have already visited in Europe. This church tells of the lives of local people who have woven their soul into the every detail you will see here.

Last, but not least… there is the magnificent Kotor, a beautiful UNESO's medieval town that you'll adore!

**Speed boat option available! 

Type: Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Vehicle, Boat, Walking (Swimming)

Time: 4.5 Hours 

Mrs. Zora's Yummy Oysters

Private Tour of Family Owed Oyster Farm, Our Lady of the Rock, Porto Montenegro Marina & Kotor

This tour is for true hedonists! Everything is there, crystal blue water, wind in the hair, handsome skipper, lots of flavors, colors and scents of our beautiful country!

As we hop onto the speedboat and set off from Kotor, our adventure is already in sight. This time we will meet both faces of our bay, old and traditional - such as the fascinating man made island of Our Lady of the Rocks and it's church-museum; and an ultimate Mediterranean hot spot - Porto Montenegro Marina, which will enchant you with its splendor and glamour. All this we'll spice it up with a delicious bite of fresh oysters from the local family farm.

While Mrs. Zora prepares mussels for us, in a local way, we will enjoy traditional Montenegrin cheese, prosciutto and of course oysters, which will go perfectly with homemade wine! Our enjoyment here is not over!

Before visiting the medieval town of Kotor, I recommend swimming in the beautiful waters of our bay, near the island of Flowers and Our Lady of Mercy. We'll have so much fun!

Type: Local experience, Food tasting, Culture, Historic, Religious, Boat, Swimming, Walking 

Time: 5 Hours

Boka Wine Tasting

Perast, Verige, Savina winery & Monastery, Herceg Novi Town & Kotor w/ its Old Winery Private Tour

Let us take you on this experience during your time in Kotor that's inspired by what we do with friends and family, when they come to visit us!

We'll enjoy a walk by the sea in the beautiful Perast, sharing interesting stories about local families, customs and events; sipping coffee as we watch the sailboats pass through Verige, the narrowest part of the bay; touring the local vineyards, located on the sunny slopes of the bay, which offers a very special view, of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
I'm sure that the uniqueness of red, white and rosé wine made by local families, combined with different specialties will stimulate your senses and bring you closer to the tradition that has been cultivated for centuries here.

For all art and history lovers, we have Savina Monastery from the 11th century, decorated with frescoes of the Byzantine and Gothic periods; Herceg Novi, called the "Guardian of the Bay" and the glorious Kotor, one of the 10 best destinations to visit in Europe!

Type: Culture, Historic, Religious, Wine tasting, Food tasting, Fortress, Nature, Vehicle, (Boat), Walking 

Time: 6 - 7 Hours  

Say Hello To Budva

Kotor, Budva & St Stefan w/ Your Private Guide

Let us tell you the story of the city that witnessed ancient empires, local tribes and pirates, as well as modern trends that put Budva on the map of world famous tourist destinations.

On this tour we will visit a part of the Montenegrin coast which is adorned with beautiful long pebble beaches, lush greenery and historical heritage that testifies to our rich culture and tradition. The part of the Riviera that we are especially proud of, and which will leave you breathless, is the island of St Stefan, a former fishing village and today an exclusive resort visited by the most famous names of today.

There is also the monastery of Praskvica, built over 600 years ago, blended into the beautiful ambience of the Mediterranean hinterland. Don't miss the opportunity to walk with us through the narrow alleys of Budva, take pictures of some of the most beautiful squares and alleys, and feel the hectic atmosphere of this magical city.

Full of wonderful pictures, we are returning to Kotor to explore its beauties and secrets! 

Type: Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Photo, Vehicle, Walking

Time: 4.5 - 5 Hours 

Speed Boat Adventure

    Kotor / Perast w/ Islands / Yugoslav-Era Submarine Caves / Blue Cave / Rose Village Tour

Let's embark on a fun, scenic speedboat ride past the palaces and hamlets that stretch along the coast of the Bay of Kotor, beautifully framed by lush Mediterranean greenery and the peaks of rugged mountains, whose reflections break in the waves we leave behind us.

As we discover hidden corners of the bay, such as a Yugoslav-era submarine tunnel, lagoons, beautiful fortresses and islands on the way, we'll hit the Blue Cave and jump in its turquoise water for a nice swim! We're sure you'll love it!

To make the adventure even more enjoyable, let us reveal to you the small fishing village of Rose, recognizable by its authenticity, fresh seafood and domestic wine.
Although the locals would advise you to stay until sunset and order another bottle, we'll still return to Kotor where more fun awaits us.

Circling around Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks island on the way for some pictures, we'll reach Kotor and discover its incredible history!

Type: Nature, Wildlife, Active, Historic, Museums, Speed Boat, Swimming, Walking

Time: 5 Hours 

Olives & Donkeys

Kotor & Tici village - Lustica Peninsula Private Tour

Explore the rural ambience and try the most delicious olive oil you can imagine!

This time we are taking you to the Lustica Peninsula, away from the hustle and bustle, we'll introduce you to the true rural life of this part of the Mediterranean.
Hanging around with Miska and Ruska, our donkey friends, who keep the olive grove and its secrets, tasting local pastries and brandies in the shade of olive trees; walking through the village while listening to interesting stories of our host, will be a real pleasure.

Have you ever been introduced to the production of olive oil in a traditional and modern way? This is the right opportunity for you, with which you will be able to taste the finest olive oil that our dear Moric family diligently produces with a lot of love and attention.
In the 300 years old mill house, we will try some more homemade specialties, pomegranate juice, wine, as well as desserts with traditional coffee. Delicious!

At the end, we'll explore Kotor and its beauty!

Type: Nature, Food, Wine, Local experience, Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Vehicle, Walking 

Time: 4.5 Hours

Historical ZigZag Tour

Kotor, Budva, Cetinje & Njegusi village & Serpentines w / Your Private Guide

Let's discover the scenic drive along the windy road that looks like a cardiogram of an extremely nervous person, carved into the stone wall! The view of the gulf from every single curve is just spectacular and exciting!
We will take some time to taste the domestic cheese, prosciutto and wine in Njegusi village, the birthplace of the famous Petrovic Dynasty.

Let's continue to explore the heart of our country and get to know the city Cetinje, the Old capital of Montenegro. It's a town of museums, libraries, galleries and great history. We'll be happy to show you our favorite museum, The Court of Nikola I, Prince & King of Montenegro, known as "the father-in-law of Europe".

Want to explore more and chill a bit by the sea? Let's turn south to Budva, the city famous for its magical light, narrow alleys and sandy beaches. You'll be amazed by the 2500 year old history that has left its traces in the most beautiful way possible.
At the end, we'll show you Kotor and its medieval charm!

Type: Culture, Historic, Panoramic, Nature, Museum, Photo, Vehicle, Walking 

Time: 8 Hours (starting from Kotor)