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Please contact us and we'll do our best to tailor the perfect tour for you, of course according to your time and wishes!

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Durmitor National Park & Durmitor Ring 

Let us introduce you to the nacional park Durmitor, a beautiful complex made of mountain ranges, high peaks, deep valleys and canyons; vast forests, lakes of unusual shapes, caves and pits! All over, there are traces of past epochs, actions of glaciers, volcano eruptions and erosions. This paradise for mountaineers is adorned with eighteen glacial lakes, so called "the mountain eyes, which represent the source of legends, artistic inspiration and scientific curiosity. The best known is the Crno Lake, one of the biggest and most beautiful ones in this region. This great area you can explore from Zabljak - small town located at 1.465m above the sea level, or from the coast in just 3 hours!

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Tara Canyon & Djurdjevica Tara Bridge

The miraculous canyon of the Tara river is 78 km long and more then 1.300 m deep, which makes it after the Colorado River canyon in America, the second by its depth and length in the world. The attraction and adventure it offers puts the Tara among the top world "rafting" rivers. It is enough that one can drink its water and swim in it, just like "in the old times". Due to its beauty and historical significance, the Djurdjevica Tara bridge is a true symbol of this river, where you'll have an opportunity to take some great photos, have coffee or lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking the bridge, or try the longest zip-line in Europe across the river.

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Biogradska Gora National Park & Biograd Lake 

Situated in the very heart of Montenero, this beautiful mountain of volcanic origin is a unique place you should definitely visit. It is warm, abundant and exciting with peaks are more then 2.000 m high, covered in both grass and snow even towards the end of July.

In this magical area of Biogradska Gora, rests Biogradsko Lake. One can sail on the lake in an open boat, or hearken and gaze upon its shore. A light walk by the lake can make people forget about their burdens, but also, as in all sanctuaries, one feels that time is relative and we are all but God's creatures. We are sure you'll love it!

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Skadar Lake National Park

Like the rest of Montenegro, Skadarsko lake enchants with diversity and variety of possibilities to offer. One admires the beauty of a huge calm water surface double rimmed by cliffs and hills and their outlines, multiplied by the beauty of islands, small bays and picturesque settlements. Passing through the green channels of lush lake vegetation, you will enjoy the endless view of the blue surface, covered by luxuries vegetation, white and yellow lilies, as well as some plants that can be found only here and nowhere else in the the world. It is also a unique habitat and shelter for birds, one of the biggest in Europe.  

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Lovcen National Park & Njegos Mausoleum

The distinguished poet and philosopher, the spiritual and secular leader of Montenegro, Petar II Petrović Njegoš (1813 - 1851) chose Mt Lovcen for his place of eternal rest. He chose the mountain between earth, water and sun, and between the sea and the mainland. Therefore, "the eternal light", that spark of Njegoš's spirit, was incorporated into Lovcen, making it one of the most sacred places in the country. On the Jezereski peak, we'll visit a masterpiece of architecture, the famous Njegoš's mausoleum, from where you can enjoy the view of the entire county from the sea to the North. Next, we'll have a scenic drive along the windy zig-zag road. The view of the Boka Bay from every single curve is just spectacular and exciting!

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Lipa Cave

Lipa cave is one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro. The beauty of this cave was recognized and admired by notable historic figures, among which the Montenegrin royalty. It was known of prior to Njegoš's time, and cave expeditions were organized even back then.

Nature has created unique and striking forms of cave ornaments which leave an everlasting impression on the visitors. Today, the cave represents not only one of the best places to visit in Cetinje, but also one of the kind natural attraction not to be missed while in Montenegro!

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St Stefan Island

This "hotel - village" will attract you by its stunning beauty, but also charmed you by its background. The 15 - centaury fisherman island inhabited by families of the Pastrovici tribe, converts into a "secret - island" having served in 1960s and 1970s Worlds most prominent names (Sofia Loren, Orson Welles, Krik Douglas, Elizabet Taylor...) becoming glamourous paradisiacal resort in resent times. The guide will take you along the narrow stone lanes, through a wealth of olive trees, herbs and shrubs. The causeway leads you up and downhill passing by the main piazza with its stunning al fresco location, which is the heart and the soul of St Stefan approaching a dramatic black - tiled clifftop pool.

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Old Town Bar & 2000 Year Old Olive Tree

Let us show you the main gate of Montenegro, the biggest coastal town and one of the largest ports at the Adriatic coast, situated at the foothill of the Rumia Mountain. The old town of Bar is fascinating and the east - meets - west  architecture and cuisine, make this place a unique part of  our county. You will be fascinated by the rich history of this city, remained in fragments after numerous battles and earthquakes. This town is also famous for its 2000 years old olive tree and the best Turkish - influenced food and coffee, you won't find in the Bay of Kotor, Budva Riviera, or North of Montenegro.

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Ulcinj & Ada Bojana

Ulcinj is a city of sunshine, long beaches, olive groves and incredible history. Many civilizations, even Algerian pirates fought for it, recognizing its blessings and importance. Within its walls, imprisoned for 5 years, the famous Spanish writer Miguel De Cervantes found the love of his life, and wrote the well known novel Don Quixote. 

During summer, this city is a lively, buzzing place with lots of Albanian tourists and more adventurous western tourists who like get off the beaten track. With a firm establishment of kite surfing here, it's also become a popular place for young travelers who want beach parties, but are looking for more underground destination then Budva.

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Herceg Novi Hinterland

For all nature and hiking lovers, the Herceg Novi hinterland is something it shouldn't' be missed. The well - trodden paths through rich vegetation, magnificent views of the Bay of Boka, hidden stone churches built during the occupation of the city, are just some of the emperors waiting for you up in the hills. The options are many, and it's up to you to decide whether you want an easy walk through the local villages, or hiking after which you will want to have some of the rich Montenegrin meals.

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Active Tours

For all those who want to feel nature in an adventurous and relaxing way, the best way to experience it is mountain climbing, hiking, horse back riding through the untouched areas of our beautiful land. Also, you shouldn't miss rafting on the Tara River, the so - called "tear of Europe", which has the longest canyon in the world, after the canyon of the Colorado River in America. Paragliding, Jeep safari, fishing and diving are just some of the ways you can experience Montenegro, in an authentic and active way!

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